2006: Katie bought her first guitar and started attending open mics.

2008: She founded the all-female band 'The Barettas'.

2011: Katie won 'Emerging Artist of the Year' at The Hamilton Arts Awards.

2012: The band officially called it quits. Katie continued to perform as a solo act with new material one week later.

2014: She crossed the Canadian boarder to find the American dream. A month into the journey, wound up recording her solo debut at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. The debut 'Sun Wolf' won Roots Recording of the Year at the Hamilton Ontario Music Awards. 

2015: She got a busking licence and performed new songs on the streets of Toronto and surrounding areas. Started experimenting with modern recording techniques when fall arrived. 'The Warhol Factory' was released on vinyl, CD and MP3. Bulley was credited as songwriter, singer, guitarist, bass player, all other instrumentation, producing, and recording on the album.

2016: 'Coffee House' was released in November. It's the 3rd independent album by Katie and the first full acoustic release. It is available for free on Spotify.

2017: The single (including 'Anchor Me Down' and 'Red Velvet') was recorded live off the floor at Threshold Studio in 2013 and wasn't officially released until March 2017 (except through music video).

2018: Katie was featured on the front cover of The View magazine in Hamilton Ont. She also played a number of shows in the band 'Crooked Hearts' but the band has since broken up and she will continue to play solo.

2019: Her 4th solo album 'Train Insane' was recorded and released

2020: Katie and her former bandmate Lauren Small reformed as a duo, still going by the name ‘The Barettas’

2021: The Barettas release ‘All Is Fair In Love And Rock &Roll’ ( Full Length Album Jan 29th )

Katie also releases her first self published book called ‘How to Meet A Rockstar’

2022: Justine Fischer joins The Barettas making them a fierce trio again.

2023: They re-released ‘All is Fair In Love and rock & roll’ with Justine’s bass and third part harmonies!