"Bulley’s voice by turns is chiding, coaxing, convincing, and careening, but never out of control – it’s a remarkable instrument, and she is skilled at writing songs that uniquely showcase it." (on 'Coffee House')
- Great Dark Wonder Blog

"Sounds like: Music to assist you in finding your way in the world.”
 - Alan Cross, Toronto
It’s refreshing to stumble upon the raw folk musical stylings of someone like Katie Bulley. Just listen to the Hamilton native’s “Up and In” and you'll feel as if you're in a much happier musical time and place.
- VICE/Noisey, Toronto
Katie Bulley from Hamilton, Ontario, is a raw talented singer/songwriter that gets into your heart at the first listen. It´s rough folk music gone haywire.
- Kentuckyseven, Sweden

Katie Bulley‘s voice is somewhat of a mysterious contradiction; at times, the whimsical folk-princess’ voice embodies the sweetness of honey on toast, while other instances demonstrate a jaggedly raw vocal power that some of history’s most infamous punk rockers would be envious of. Regardless of which version of Bulley’s voice you prefer, within seconds of watching it becomes blatantly apparent that you like her without even knowing her.
- Soundbird Music Blog

Bulley's style has a wonderfully sepia tone to it and you can almost hear the vinyl crackle in her voice.
- Listen with Monger, UK
About Sun Wolf: "A meandering masterclass in roots-infused Americana that is as genuine as it is genius." 
 - Hamilton Magazine, Ontario